Frequently Asked Questions about July 3rd Bike Ride

Experienced cyclist, Charlie Murphy leads the 9th Annual July 4th Bike Ride to Fort McHenry is 2019. Other experienced riders will be available to assist cyclist. No one is left behind.

What is the route surface?

The route is on roads and trails including Frederick Road and the Gwynns Falls Trail.  The ride includes a brief stop at Federal Hill (for a picture) and Ft. McHenry. View the route.

What is the total distance?

A little over 20 miles.  The last 4 miles are mostly uphill on Frederick Rd which is not steep but a steady incline.

How long does it take to complete the ride?

The fastest riders usually return in 2.5 hours. Most cyclist are back by 11:30 a.m.

Is it round trip or are there buses from Ft. McHenry back to Catonsville?

It is round trip ride. There are no buses but there is a truck if one has physical or mechanical issues that we can call to assist. We want people to ride the entire route unless problems arise.

I am new to biking and I am not sure I can handle this ride.  How difficult is this course? Is it safe?

This ride is held in the early morning on a holiday when traffic is light.  We will travel as a group with an experienced cyclist at the lead of the ride and “sweeps”, who travel at the rear of the pack to assist slower riders. No one is left behind.

TIP!!! – The return ride can be difficult for beginners/children and many riders pre-arrange to have a friend with a truck/SUV/van pick them up at Ft. McHenry. View the route.

Are restrooms available?

Yes, there is a restroom at Federal Hill. 

What about water stations?

CRTT will provide a water stop and a chance to refill water bottles at Federal Hill.

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