Vandals Damage #8 Streetcar Path Mural

In 1998, a local 14 year-old Eagle Scout, Clark LeCompte, approached CRTT and asked to create a mural on a graffiti covered wall around the Summit Park Health and Rehabilitation Center. Clark had a big idea and was very determined to share his art with the community. He raised the money, recruited volunteers and created a 30′ tall rendering of a streetcar in 2D. CRTT wants to preserve this public art but vandals are making this difficult. CRTT needs to hand wash the mural, touch up the paint, and apply an anti-graffiti coating. The cost? Upward of $2500! We need residents to help by making a donation today!

Unfortunately, this mural is frequently defaced by the teens/preteens that hang out on the trail. Although this has been a sporadic problem throughout the years, this year, 2021, has been the worst in the mural’s 22 year history. We’ve had to remove graffiti almost every week and the content of the graffiti is more racist and pornographic than ever. We shudder when visitors to the trail see this graffiti and think this represents our community.

CRTT needs to hire a tree company to remove several tree branches, rent a lift ($800) to hand wash the mural, organize artist to touch up the paint and apply the anti-graffiti coating ($400-$600) to the entire mural. We need to purchase supplies and feed the volunteers. Fortunately, Summit Park Health and Rehabilitation Center has donated the anti-graffiti coating and has agreed to help with the rental of the lift but we need you to help too.

What can you do to help?

  1. Make a donation and help us raise the funds needed to protect and preserve this mural.
  2. If you have pre-teens and/or teens that hang out on the trail, please talk to them about respecting the trail.
  3. Hide all your spray paint! Kids under 18 years of age are not allowed to purchase spray paint. It’s the law! So, these kids are getting the spray paint from your basement, garage or craft room. Please hide all spray paint so kids won’t be tempted to use them.

Below, are a few samples of the graffiti from this month. We apologize if these pictures offend anyone but this is what we are covering on a weekly basis.

Please make a generous donation so we can clean, protect and preserve this historic mural.

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